Custom design your system with the following steps:

Higher Efficiency Equipment

heating and cooling servicesThe higher the S.E.E.R. or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, the less you will pay to the electric company. Many times the amount of money saved on utility bills will cover the additional cost of higher efficiency equipment when financed or added to your mortgage.

Air Delivery System

There is a broad range in both quality and price for materials available, contact us for more thorough explanation of duct system options.

ductwork options


Insulated Fiberglass duct board plenums with insulated flexible run outs to insulated metal register boxes. Attic or closet location.


Insulated Fiberglass duct board trunk duct with insulated flexible run outs to insulated metal register boxes. Attic, closet, or under floor location.


Externally insulated metal (round or rectangular) trunk duct with insulated flexible run outs to insulated metal register boxes. Attic, closet, or under floor location.

Options that extend equipment life

Service Agreement:

We have three levels of agreements available. From basic to advanced we've got you covered. We send one of our "Express Comfort Technicians" to go over your equipment from top to bottom, twice a year. When they are finished with the 30+ point inspection of your equipment you will get a complete report of our system's condition.

Extended Warranty:

Covers parts & labor for repairs on indoor and outdoor units in the second through tenth years. One time charge allows you to budget for major repairs for a full ten years. Transferable to subsequent owners.

Surge Protector:

Protects the outdoor unit and compressor, low voltage microprocessors, indoor unit and blower motor from a high voltage surge, such as a voltage transient or lightning hitting a power line and causing a voltage spike.

High Pressure Switch:

The high pressure switch protects the compressor and other components due to a lack of airflow or fan motor failure from being damaged by excessive refrigerant pressure.

Low Pressure Switch:

The low pressure switch protects the compressor from damage caused by loss of refrigerant.

Corrosion Protection Coating:

We disassemble your new outdoor unit, clean it, and completely coat the entire assembly with a patented salt resistant coating.

Options that increase your comfort

Air Filtration:

Throw away air filters only trap 7 to 10% of airborne particles.

Pleated Air Filter (good):

Traps up to 50% of household dust, pollen, mold and animal dander. Good for allergy reduction. Replace monthly.

High Efficiency Mechanical Air Filter (better):

This 5" thick micro-fine air filter element with approximately 28 times the filter area of conventional throw away filters. Greatly increases purification effectiveness. Traps 99% of all particles down to 6 microns. Inspect cartridge once a year, some have lasted over two years.

HEPA Air Cleaner (best):

Traps 99.9% of airborne particles as small as .000039th of an inch. Effective against airborne bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold spores. The best for allergy relief. 3 stage filtration - replacement of cartridges varies.


Average homes in the winter have 13% to 16% relative humidity (drier than the Mojave Desert). The recommended indoor humidity is 35% to 45%. Your humidifier will keep the air moist inside your home. Some of the disadvantages to non-humidified homes are: nose, throat, and other physical aggravations. Wood dries out and shrinks around doors and windows, wood flooring and furniture are damaged by separation of the wood as it dries out, both caused by dry air. Your humidifier will make your home more comfortable during winter months.

Compressor Sound Hood:

Reduces the sound of our already quiet outdoor units to almost a whisper.

Options that save you money on your electric bill

Outdoor Thermostat:

This is designed to keep auxiliary electric heat strips off until needed, usually 25 to 35 degrees in our area. It does not affect the emergency heat function of your equipment. This option will pay for itself the first winter your house is occupied.

Digital Temperature Limiting Thermostat:

Electronic, very accurate (within 1°). It can be internally configured to lock out keypad buttons to control set point ranges. For example we can set them and tenants cannot set cooling below 68° or heating above 76°.

Digital Programmable Thermostat:

Allows automatic setback or setup of your system while you are out of the house. Heating savings of up to 35% and cooling savings of up to 22% are possible using these electronic thermostats. These are the most accurate thermostats available and they have a digital readout for room temperature. They are available in automatic changeover from heat to cool.