Designed for Long-Lasting Performance in Harsh Coastal Climates

Designed for Long-Lasting Performance in Harsh Coastal Climates

With the Infinity 16 heat pump you can enjoy two-stage compressor comfort, exceptional cooling and heating efficiency and, when paired appropriately with the Infinity control, greater energy savings and convenient system management features.


  • WeatherShield protection featuring ArmorPlate coil coating, 100% paint coverage and WeatherArmor Ultra protection for superior seacoast-corrosion resistance

  • Up to 17.2 SEER cooling efficiency

  • Up to 9.6 HSPF heating efficiency

  • Sound: as low as 67 decibels

  • Superior humidity and temperature control

  • Two-stage compressor operation for excellent comfort and quiet

  • Compressor sound blanket and Silencer System IIdesign

  • Filter drier system protection from moisture and contaminants

  • Ideal Defrost heating operation with Infinity control

  • Non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant

  • 10-year parts limited warranty

  • 5-year coastal corrosion parts limited warranty


If you live within 10 miles of the seacoast, chances are you know how harsh salt air can be on an outdoor unit. This advanced Infinity series model is designed to withstand the rigors of your environment and is backed by one of the best seacoast warranties you'll find for a heat pump.


Because heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, their efficiency is measured with two distinct ratings. Both are like gas mileage for a car, the higher the number, the more efficiently the system works. For every $100 spent to cool your home using a 10.0 SEER heat pump, a 15.0 SEER heat pump should cost you approximately $67. 

  • Up to 17.2 SEER - While in the cooling mode, heat pumps receive a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER number. Most new heat pumps rate between 13.0 and 19.0 SEER.

  • Up to 9.6 HSPF - While in the heating mode, heat pumps receive a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF rating. Most new units have ratings between 7.7 and 9.0 HSPF.

  • All sizes meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications

Environmentally Responsible

Puron refrigerant is environmentally sound and won't deplete the ozone layer. Puron refrigerant is environmentally sound and won't deplete the ozone layer.

Puron refrigerant is environmentally sound and won't deplete the ozone layer.

Carrier introduced Puron refrigerant a full six years ahead of the competition, paving the way for the future.

The Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibits the production of CFC-based heat pumps and heat pumps by 2010, and bans Freon-22* production by 2020. As Freon production reduces, its cost is predicted to increase. Freon-12 in the automotive industry increased by a whopping 800% seven years following its phase-out! Ensure your future cooling costs by investing in systems with Puron refrigerant. 


  • Compressor enhanced summer dehumidification when managed by the Infinity control

  • Excellent cold weather performance

  • Hybrid Heat® system compatible when paired with select thermostats

  • Sound: as low as 67 decibels


  • WeatherShield protection package

  • Two-stage scroll compressor

  • System protecting high pressure and loss of charge switches

  • Sound reduction: compressor sound blanket, Silencer System II design and forward swept fan blades

  • Filter drier

  • Infinity level advanced diagnostic intelligence

  • Recommended control: Infinity control


10 year warranty

Carrier's  "Coastal" heat pump is protected by a ten-year factory limited parts warranty on the entire unit. Ask your Outer Banks Heating & Cooling representative for more details.

Infinity 16 Coastal Heat Pump Brochure